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Singer, songwriter, actress, and vocal teacher, Coco is a small town Maine girl who sang her first solo in church when she was six. After singing in grange halls, town halls, schools and anywhere they would have her as a youngster, she turned city girl and began playing the Boston folk club circuit.
Coco was an original cast member of the Boston company of the rock musical "Hair". When the show closed after a year's run, she moved to Vermont where she became the lead singer/songwriter of Coco and the Lonesome Road Band. Their first single "New England Song" was a pick hit in both "Billboard" and "Record World". Coco is an award winning songwriter and received a Pioneer Award from the Governor of Vermont for her musical contributions. She has appeared on radio, television and concert stage throughout the Northeast and down on into Nashville, including two appearances on the Conan O'Brien show.

A fan of songwriters including Tom Waits, John Prine, Lyle Lovett, and Woody Guthrie, Lafe (rhymes with "waif") brings a new perspective to universal themes. Lafe's songs present sharply-focused snapshots of vivid characters and essential dilemmas. Delivered with heartfelt vocals, sensitive guitar work, and bluesy harmonica, they evoke thought, laughter, and sadness. After running away from his family's Vermont farm at 13, Lafe crisscrossed the country by thumb and freight train.  Following several teenage stints in various jails for various reasons, he traveled internationally, enjoying very different conditions as a record label executive for Warner/Electra/Atlantic.
Together, their repertoire of original songs is diverse, playful, and run through several genres. They have “Remarkable onstage chemistry”, as one fan put it. The tight passionate harmonies interwoven with back and forth duets make the unique sound that is Coco & Lafe.