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Acoustic Duo Gets Fresh With Farmers Nationally

Coco (Carolyn) Kallis and Lafe (rhymes with “waif”) Dutton write and perform original blues-based acoustic music. Sponsored by Real Time Farms, a crowd sourced “Farm to Fork” online food guide, they tour farmers markets nationally on the "Get Fresh" tour to promote eating healthy and buying local in addition to their house concert and library series performances. They will be performing at over 150 farmers markets and house concerts coast to coast this year.

Coco Presenter Quote

The two baby boomers, who met more than three decades ago, have created their own niche to follow their passion for songwriting and earn a living: they play 7 to 15 markets in a city they want to visit, and invite people who buy their CDs to host or attend house concerts.

In 2007 they went to Boston to break into the music scene and found scores of other singer-songwriters trying to do the same thing: there was no room at the Inn. So they started playing on the street and in the subway and found that people bought their CD’s by the pound.

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While busking one day in Harvard Square, a woman approached them and asked if they would play at the Farmers Market she managed in Cambridge’s Central Square. Surrounded by fresh produce and friendly farmers, they realized they’d found a home and a cause. She gave them the names of other managers around the Boston area, and they found themselves playing markets daily.

Daily and community newspapers and blogs wrote stories about the unusual tour while acoustic radio hosts embraced their original, character-driven story songs. The 2009 Café Loco release of 14 original songs received radio play on 172 stations in five countries. That grew into touring nationally, adding live performances on radio which increased public awareness of the magic of house concert performances and Coco and Lafe’s “Get Fresh” cause.

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They have just released their fifth CD "Big Bang!" which is being promoted to Americana Radio by Bill Wence Promotions and to press by SkySail Publicity, who are also coordinating the national tour publicity campaign.
They write most of their songs on the steering wheel and travel with their manager, Lilla, a small beagle. (If you watch her closely you’ll notice she lip-syncs to all the words.)