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Plainfield Old Home Day Saturday, 9/6 12:30 pm email for details.

Occasional Concert Series Saturday, 9/6 7:30 reservations required: emai

Followed by concerts in Syracuse, NY, Cleveland, OH, and Edmond, OK.


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All songs written by Coco & Lafe except "Rolling Over " which was written by Chuck Schiele, "Love You More", which was written by Tim Atwell, who graciously allowed us to rewrite it as a duo, and "The Alamo" Which was written by Lafe and Mark Greenberg.

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     Video: "I Love You More" from the Oasis House Concert

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Farmers' Market Managers and House Concert Presenters click HERE!

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* The video of Endless Fishes (scroll down to view it) took 10th place out of 482 entries on Ourstage IN THE POP CATAGORY!!! Ridiculous, but there you go.

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Videos for markets and house concerts:

  • Video 1 is an interview and performance vid of us.
  • Video 2 is a free, 30 second PSA we created for Farmers' Markets to use to promote their market. Simply click on the YouTube link to get the code to embed on your site.
  • Video 3 is a performance video of our song "Endless Fishes", the number 2 most played song on 172 stations. (The number one song is "Cambridge Underground")
  • All three of these videos were produced and directed by Joanna J. Seetoo Schiele ( and shot by PM ProductionZ LLC of San Diego ( Great job, and we recommend them both highly!

      Note to Market Managers: you can insert your market information (day, place, time) in the last frame where it will replace the text that says: "Have you gotten fresh today?" Email us if you have a question. (click on the YouTube link to get code). When it comes to tech stuff like this, I try to find the nearest 10 year old. They laugh at me. -lafe

    Email us for instructions, and for a link to a high qulity AVI version.


  • Radio: Over 150 stations in 5 countries!

  • Cambridge Underground, was rated at #14 out of 459 entries for the month of March on 'Ourstage', which is a music web site where listeners vote "blind" so musicians can't get friends to vote: the music actually has to be liked. We did NOTHING to promote it! We didn't even visit!!! A fun, small thrill for us. Thrills are good.

    Our friend and telescope operator George gave us an insiders' tour of Kitt Peak National Observatory. Did you realize our sun is smaller than a radish seed compared to Betelgeuse? (600 light years away in the Orion constellation: we won't be gigging there). Just thought you should know.
  • Pic of Coco at Kitt Peak

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